About High Level Farms (HLF)

High Level Farms (HLF) is a Ghanaian Agricultural Company in Farming, Processing and Trading in Palm Oil, as a nucleus business with Outgrower of Smallholder Cooperatives. High Level Farms (HLF) as an Oil Palm producing and Palm Oil Processing and trading business operating in the six Oil Palm producing and Palm Oil Processing (Western, Ashanti, Eastern, Volta, Brong-Ahafo and Central) regions of Ghana has done well already in the sector serving as a nucleus business in an Outgrower scheme with Oil Palm Growers Processing and Marketing Association (a cooperative of smallholder Oil Palm Producers, Palm Oil Processors and traders of 3,000 members) with its own farms, processing and trading intertwined with the smallholders for economies of scale and mutual benefits, in a productive and profitable business sector. It is no wonder that it is reported that: “Large-scale oil palm (OP) cultivation has transformed tropical regions, people’s lives, and palm oil companies’ profits. High out- put, easy establishment, and low costs make the crop very profitable and the most efficient oil crop economically (Dislich et al., 2017)”. (Ecology and Evolution, Wiley 2017); and that: “Indeed, palm oil is a huge global industry, worth over USD 50 billion annually (Murphy, 2014). (Ecology and Evolution, Wiley 2017)”.

It is no wonder then that HLF and its Outgrower smallholders have their fair share of these profits even in few years of operation. Documents sighted for the purposes of this study indicate that from its inception to end of 2018 for example, HLF bagged annual turnover of Ghs 1,955,197 in pre-tax revenues from Palm Oil Trading, Palm Oil Processing and Oil Palm Production and Ghs 2,118,798 in 2019; and had had actual supply sub-contracts of approximately 501,325 liters of Palm Oil ( in 20,053 Containers of 25 Liters each) to Schools on behalf of the Cooperatives for National Food Buffer Stock Company of the Government of Ghana between August 2018-December, 2019 at total current contract value of Ghs 3,208,480.That is huge business for a business which has essentially run for some 30 months with only one supply chain, not to bring in other unmet huge demand internally and for exports within West Africa (notably Nigeria which although is big producer yet craves for Ghanaian brand ), Africa and Globally including to Europe, India and China. Thus HLF wants to take advantage of the immense opportunity for palm oil in the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) of 1.2 billion market as well as for export into other Continents including Europe and Asia.


Productivity, Profitability, Wealth Creation, Alleviation of Poverty and Sustainability of Commodity businesses financially beneficial to producers, farmers, staff, Investors, shareholders, multistakeholders and communities in line with International Environmental Sustainability Best Practices including relevant certifications


Produce, Process, Trade, Market and Export Commodities, create wealth, alleviate poverty for broad financial benefit to producers, farmers, staff, Investors, shareholders, multistakeholders and communities and respect International Environmental Sustainability Best Practices such as relevant certifications

Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Discipline
  • Innovative
  • Customer Centred


Core Values


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